June 18, 2024

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What Is A Skip Trace?

So, What is a Skip Trace and Why Do I Need To Use Them?

Great question! There are several different purposes of a skip trace. For real estate investors, the primary reason is to find a vacant home owner. Finding vacant properties isn't the challenge, finding the owner is. Let's face it, without a skip trace it would take a lot of time to search for the contact information needed to pursue a vacant house lead.

A skip trace is an in-depth search through several different database sources for information that is generally not available to the public. These searches gather specific information to help locate vacant property owners. The term 'skip trace' isn't widely known, and probably never will be. That's a good thing for real estate investors though. It means there's less competition.

Using a skip trace to find a property owner will give you a huge advantage and give you the opportunity to cash in on properties that others wouldn't be able to. The most difficult home owners to find usually end up being the best deals. Why? No one else has been able to contact the owner, so they are more likely to be desperate to get rid of the property.

There's a reason why there are so many vacant properties on the market still. Investors do not want to or simply can't spend the time and resources that it takes to locate these owners. Using a skip trace from FindTheSeller.com solves that problem.

All you need to do to run a comprehensive search is the address of the vacant property and owner name. If you don't know the owner name, you can run a tax roll search to find that first. If you know more information, I suggest using it to narrow down the search results, but you don't have to.

A comprehensive search on FindTheSeller can return the phone number and address information for the following people:

  • The home owner
  • Past and present neighbors
  • Known relatives
  • Likely associates

The following information can also be provided:

  • Previous addresses and phone numbers for the home owner
  • An indication if the owner is deceased
  • Historical information that can date back a decade
  • Property ownership and personal details for home owner and relatives

With all this information, the likelihood of you finding the property owner is very high. Imagine how long it would take you to gather all of this information on your own? Using FindTheSeller to skip trace the property owner will save you time that you can spend finding more vacant houses and making more money for your business.

Click here to run a comprehensive skip trace and find your seller.

Remember, if you don't know the owners name, you can run a tax roll search. Click here to run a tax roll search.


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