Silver Bulk Plan

Lower your cost to $8.96 per search. Get 25 searches for only $224.

Get 25 Searches Today and Save Over $25!'s Bulk 25 Package consists of 25 searches used in any combination of Skip Trace, Criminal Background Check, Tax Roll Search, Tenant Screening Package, Wants & Warrants, Bankruptcy, Judgment and Liens, or Business Background Check. It’s up to you how you use them; any unused credits will expire 1 year after purchase.

The savings is enormous. Instead of paying $9.97 per search, with our Bulk 25 Package you pay only $8.96 per search. This is an unheard of price and is an easy decision when you see yourself needing/using 25 searches.

If your business leans more toward locating sellers right now, you’ll use more Skip Trace & Tax Roll Searches, but when it comes time to occupy those houses you’ll lean more toward Criminal, Wants & Warrants, and Tenant Screenings.

The fact is our Skip Trace Service along with our Tax Roll Search is the missing link that you’ve been searching for to grow your house buying business. Thousands of happy and successful customers all over the U.S. are the benchmark that we use to make this bold statement.

Our Skip Trace, Criminal, Wants & Warrants, Tenant Screening, Tenant Reference Checks, Background checks, Employment Verifications, and Bankruptcy, Judgment and Liens are the answer to occupying your houses with the “right” tenant or tenant buyer. Certainly, you would agree, putting the “right” occupant in your house can save you a small fortune in repairs, trouble, legal fees, aggravation, and anxiety. If you don’t have first hand experience with this, trust it to be true!! It is.

You would be wise to thoroughly check out anyone you consider when its time to occupy your houses. No amount of due diligence in this area is too much. In fact, we recommend you do 6 searches on each potential tenant or non-cash buyer you consider. You can get all of these with a discount of 3 debits to the bulk plan instead of 6 with the Tenant Search Package.

First is a Skip Trace. This report will help you to confirm that the information in their application is accurate. Information including previous residence addresses and the time they lived there. A skip trace will identify every residence for the last ten years and what we’ve learned is when an applicant neglects to mention a particular place where they lived, especially if it was for a short period of time it’s a red flag. We recommend you talk to the owner of that property to get a reference on the applicant. The news may not be good.

Second, you should run a Criminal Search on your applicant and not just in your state, but nationwide. We are a transient society and move around a lot. Without question, you need to know the applicant’s history because if you let an applicant move into your property that later commits a crime, you could have potential liability for their actions. Your best defense is to utilize the best possible information available to you in your decision making process and that’s what we provide.

Third, you should run a Tenant Eviction Screening on your applicant. This will tell you a lot if there’s a story to be told. Calling an applicant’s current Landlord is usually of no use. Think about it... if the applicant is bad, the current Landlord is likely to lie and tell you their “great”, just to get them out of their house. Wouldn’t you?! The Landlord might also tell you that the tenant is horrible when they're really very good because they don't want to see the tenant go. When considering an applicant we suggest you don’t bother to talk to the applicant's current Landlord at all for these reasons.

Fourth, you should run a Wants & Warrants Search. This is another criminal search checking different records and covers all 50 states. This search may contain data from International sources such as Interpol and others. It may contain Federal results such as Drug Enforcement Agency, FBI, US Marshall Services and others. It may contain State results such as Department of Corrections, probation and parole boards, attorney generals, State law enforcement departments. It may contain County results such as Municipal courts, District courts, Justices of the Peace, County sheriffs, District attorneys and others. It may contain City search results such as City police, City courts, and others.

The types of warrants contained in this database range from misdemeanor warrants for bad checks, traffic violations, failures to appear, and unpaid fines; to felony warrants for parole or probation violations, robbery, rape, forgery, kidnapping and murder.

Because warrants are issued and served on a continuous basis by literally thousands of individual agencies in all 50 states, the information returned in the search results may or may not be current. This is because warrants may have been cleared by arrest or court appearance, been vacated or recalled or otherwise withdrawn, and new warrants may have been issued since the database was last updated. In any case, this is information you need to know.

Fifth, you should run an Employment Verification Search. It’s important to confirm employment records. There have been situations where history has proven that the information reported on an application is not always true. You want to be sure that you can depend on that rent or lease check coming in. Making these types of calls may be something you prefer not to do and we can get this done for you.

Sixth, you will want to perform the Bankruptcy, Judgment and Liens Background Check.

The Bankruptcies include chapter 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, Schedule 341\Trusteeship in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

The Judgments and Tax Liens are available for all states except Montana and the District of Columbia. However there are a few regions that may not be available due to lack of computerization in those courthouses.

The Liens range from Federal, State, and County Tax liens and State Tax Warrants. The judgment cases include Small Claims Judgment, Civil Special Judgment, Deficiency Judgments, Foreclosures, Forcible Entry\Detainer, Civil New Filings, Civil Dismissal, Vacated\Appealed Judgment, and Abstract of Judgment.

In fact, we offer a Tenant Search Package that includes all 6 of the searches for the price of 3. This is equivalent to 3 debits to your bulk plan instead of 6 debits saving you money. This Tenant Search Package will also save you time as you only need to submit 1 order for all 5 searches.

With the above information, surely you can see how you'll easily use 25 searches over the next year or two. Think about it, you could easily use 25 searches if you only did 3 or 4 houses a year for the next few years. You could easily use them up on locating the sellers needed to do the 3 or 4 deals and then screening your tenants or buyers when you occupy.

The Bulk 25 Package is only $224 for 25 searches, which brings your cost per search to the amazingly low price of $8.96. And you can use your 25 searches in any combination. It's an awesome value and an easy decision for any Real Estate Entrepreneur that plans to make big money in the business.