July 13, 2024


Tax Roll Search

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Have an address, but need a name? Then Tax Roll Search is for you!

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Normally when our clients have just an address, they will go to the tax rolls and acquire the name of the owner and possibly a mailing address as an alternate address to search on. Often you can access the tax rolls online, however the web sites will vary by state and county. (Some counties may not provide their tax roll information on the internet, but many do.) To find out if you can access this information online, you can contact your assessor's office to determine what web site you can use to get the owner's name for free. After you get the owner's name from the tax rolls you can then submit a skip trace (name and address) to locate this person.

Let Us Do the Work for You

We understand that there may be times when you are unable or unwilling to search the tax rolls yourself and when you do, it's not uncommon for the information to be inaccurate. If this is the case, we will be happy to to do an Tax Roll Search for you and acquire the ownership information you are seeking. We are experts at this and can circumvent a lot of headaches for you.

Owner and Property Information

This product provides the owner and property information from the real property files. At times there may be a phone number available, but not often. When there is, it may lead you directly to the person who you are looking for. When there is no phone number in the record, and you have the owner's name, you can check some of the free phone number cross directory sites such as www.anywho.com or www.bigbook.com and see if there is a phone number listed for the owner's name provided on the report. Once you have the name, doing a cross directory search yourself may circumvent the need for a Skip Trace, which of course saves you money.

This is NOT a Skip Trace

Please understand that this is NOT a Skip Trace and does not provide the information that a Skip Trace does. With this service you will receive ownership information from the tax records (that you can often get on your own) and because that information is very limited, you may need to order a Skip Trace on the owner after we have done a Tax Roll Search. In this case, an additional charge (or debit to your bulk account) will be incurred.

In most every case a Tax Roll Search will provide :

Depending on records available, the Ownership Search may also provide some or all of the following:

  • Prior owners
  • Date of sale
  • Sale price
  • Assessed value
  • Square footage
  • Lot size