Tenant Screening Plus

$94.79 value only $59.85 per individual
Get 5 Tenant Screening Searches For the Price Of 3 And Save!!

This is the ultimate tenant screening background check package, giving you 6 searches for the price of 3! We will capture nationally reported negative information from Landlords regarding tenants. This search includes previous court actions, prior Landlord inquiries, and Landlord reported history such as bad checks, evictions, or similar information.

If other names such as a maiden name have been used, you should consider running a tenant screening background check on that name as well.

Tenant Screening for All States in the US

We are able to provide tenant screening for all states in the US. However, not all Landlords report their information. There are some ‘Mom and Pop Landlords’ who do not report their information. But, if there is negative information reported from larger apartments, you will definitely want to know about this. We also recommend ordering a National Criminal Background Search.

Accurate Information Improves Searches

Please remember that it is important to give us accurate information of the Landlord or Apartment Complex name, address and phone number with area code in order for us to provide results for you.

The Tenant Screening Background Check fee is charged whether or not results are found. Keep in mind that no negative information is good news.

Also, you will be required to upload or fax the applicant's release\application to us that will provide proof of authorization.

Other Names Used

It is important to run a Tenant screening search on all Aliases, AKA, or other known names the person has used.

The applicant may provide other names they have used on their application for rental or lease.

You can also find other names they have used in association with their SSN on the National Criminal Background Report.

Each different name requires a separate order submission and search to be performed. This is necessary because the searches are on NAME + ADDRESS (some searches include the SSN but not all). It is possible that a person could have negative history on a name they have used in the past putting you and your property in potential jeopardy by not doing your best available to find this information.

Although this may cost you a little more up front, it will help you ensure that you are not placing a person with a financial risk in your home, property, or business and can potentially save you a lot of money for court costs, damages, evictions, loss of rental income etc.