Employment Verification Search

$24.95 + 3rd party fees if applicable
If you want to verify the current or previous employment on an application, this search is what you need...

At times, the dates of employment, position, or wages may be falsified or changed. Sometimes this is done to cover unexplained non-working periods that someone may not want to disclose.

If you want to perform a full tenant background check, this verification should be included. This can help you in determining if your applicant is a person you can feel comfortable to place in your home, apartment, or other property.

Other Names Used

If other names such as a maiden name have been used, you should include this in the ‘comment section’ on the employment verification order form. This allows us to check for records on those names as well.

We are able to provide employment verifications for all states in the US.

Please remember that it is important to give us accurate information of the employer or company name, address and phone number with area code in order for us to provide the best results for you. Every effort will be made to verify employment. This includes contacting the Payroll Department, Human Resources, or the Supervisor provided as needed. We will also check on any alias or AKA names you provide to us in the order comments. As several calls may be necessary to attain results, the turnaround time may vary from 1 day to 1 week.

This Employment Verification fee is charged whether or not results are found. Also, you may be required to fax the applicant's release\application to us to forward to the employer as per their requirements, upon request.