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Criminal Background Searches are especially important when you rent or sell your houses on terms. If you are renting, holding a mortgage, using a Lease Option, Land Contract, or Agreement for Deed your tenant/buyers, criminal history is of paramount importance to you as the owner of the property. The obvious reason being that you don't want to put criminals in your houses if you can avoid it. At $19.95 for a Statewide Criminal Background Report there's just no excuse not to run one on every applicant. And when you consider the liability you potentially face if the tenant/buyer you have chosen commits a crime, it's crazy not to use the best information available to you. The best defense is to show that you used the "Best Available Means" to check the applicant's background prior to approving the prospective resident's application.

Screening your tenant/buyers carefully includes running a Criminal Background Report during the application approval process. Remember that once you adopt any policy as a part of your approval process, you must run the same background checks on EVERY applicant. Not doing so might be considered a form of discrimination. All professional investors and property managers charge an application fee to offset the cost of properly screening each applicant too.

Then there's the importance of knowing the Criminal Backgrounds of your employees, contractors, handy or repair men, baby sitters, nannies, cleaning persons, etc. Let's face it... in today's world, you just can't be too careful. Take comfort in really knowing who you are allowing into your properties, office and home. At $19.95 per individual there's no excuse not to check everyone.

The following states require a Statewide Criminal Background Search because of the way they report. These states may have some records in the National Criminal Background Search, but not all. For individuals living in these states and because of the transient nature of our society, it is recommended that you still run a National Crimina Backgroundl Search to seek records in the other 42 states. A person may have committed a crime in another (reporting) state, which would appear in the National Criminal Background Search.

AL (National has some records but not all)

ND (National has historical data only, ranging from 1992-2001)

NM (National has 2004 + only)

SD (National has sex and violent offenders only)

We may recommend a Statewide Search for a particular search based on the DOB and �common name� search limitation requirements. We will let you know if this is necessary.

We recommend that you include attaining a copy of the Drivers License with your Application Paperwork for renting, leasing etc. This is recommended so that you can verify the date of birth for the National Criminal Order Search. If the DOB does not match when doing the search including dates of birth, no records will be found. It is possible that an applicant may give you the wrong DOB in order to hide their criminal records. Please keep in mind that if you make this a requirement in your application process, you must do so with all applicants so you will not be in jeopardy of discrimination.


It is important to run a criminal background search on all Aliases, AKA, or other known names the person has used.

The applicant may provide other names they have used on their application for rental or lease.

You can also find other names they have used in association with their SSN on your National Criminal Background Report.

Each different name requires a separate order submission and search to be performed. This is necessary because the searches are on NAME + DOB. It is possible that a person could have criminal records on a name they have used in the past. This could put you and your property in potential jeopardy by not doing your best to find this information.

Although this may cost you a little more up front, it will help you ensure that you are not placing criminals in your home, property, or business and can potentially save you a lot of money and grief in the end.

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