Workers Compensation Background Check

$9.97 + state fee if applicable
You should consider he Workers Compensation Background Check when you want to perform a full pre-employment background screening.

You will want to be aware of previous workers compensation claims, especially of the position includes physical work on a regular basis. It is also just as important to know that the applicant you are considering hasn't participated in any fraudulent claims of workers compensation. This could create a difficult situation and possible costly one for you.

Please keep in mind that not all workers compensation claims are fraudulent. Also not all claims should be considered as negative information as it could be a minor injury with no long-term affects. It is required by law the employees who are hurt on the job report any incidents. It is possible that a person has an accident that they didn't cause but may have been injured and needed medical attention. If there were a workers compensation claim discovered, it would be wise to discuss the details of this with the applicant. This will help you determine if there are any injuries that would effect the ability of the position available.

We are able to provide workers compensation searches for 41 states. Click here for the coverage area. Each state will require a separate search by name, SSN and state.

These searches may take a little longer to perform and can range from 24 hours up to 2 weeks possibly. Also, this search must be made only after a conditional job offer has been made based upon the results of this search. Please click here for the authorization form that will need to be faxed to our office prior to completing this search.

NOTE: When you have an applicant who resides in a particular state and works in another, you will use the appropriate release form for the state that you want the workers comp search performed for. You may wish to consider performing a worker's comp search for each state, which would incur 2 orders and payments for each search.

CA add $10 fee